Gareth B Jenkins Gareth B Jenkins Content Strategist | Copywriter | Scriptwriter

The Brief
Developed for Coventry University Students' Union. The following campaign copy was designed to challenge preconceptions around mental health (both within and outside the student community) and to help in the delivery of a positive well-being awareness campaign across the campus. The copy was  reproduced on t-shirts, flyers, posters and social media channels. 

The Content

The campaign was aimed at a broad audience - both those with a mental health condition (around 1 in 4 of the UK population) along with the three-quarters of people who make the families, friends and co-workers of those with one of the many mental health conditions people live with. 

The campaign was organised and led by one student and, following a conversation with her, I decided to bring the focus of the campaign on to the individual and the public perception of the individual. The campaign copy was was used on leaflets, t-shirts, posters and as a hook on the Students' Union's social media accounts.

The Outcome
The campaign became a new benchmark for the Students' Union and the approach taken by myself and the designer became an agreed upon style for all campaigns that year (with bold, short textual statements being used over photography or illustration). This was cost effective for the Union, as they had no budget for stock images but it was also an effective engagement method; the varied nature of the student body (be that on gender, age, racial, nationality or religious grounds) meant that this format was able to speak to a broad audience without having illustrative image appear focussed on one group. It is also meant there was a distinctive campaign style used throughout the year, with colour being used to differentiate the campaigns.