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We are delighted to invite you to participate in the launch of the much anticipated L663, the spiritual reinvention of our brand foundation – Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover Defender, known initially as ‘The Land Rover’ in its early days has enjoyed a long and varied history since its conception in 1947 in Anglesey. It has grown from a simple soft top to having three distinct wheelbase derivatives and 15 different body style combinations. It has also expanded its purpose in many ways; from a farming vehicle to extreme modified heavy duty utility vehicle, from a royal vehicle to an urban style icon this vehicle is loved by many people for many reasons.

All this makes it an exciting challenge to replace. With L663 we believe we are truly reinventing the icon and creating a car which truly embodies the spirit of Defender, firmly cementing its place at the heart of our brand. 


• Content strategy for the product pages of new Land Rover Defender. Working with Analytics, Producers, Creatives and the client to deliver the right copy, still and film content for the project.

• Copy editing for the product pages of new Land Rover Defender.

• Ideation for the new Land Rover Defender campaign. This includes The Museum of Adventure. This multi-channel campaign idea was not used but is detailed below. 


Museums are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. They tell a story but they are the not the story itself. The map is not the landscape. How do we become the story? How do we embed ourselves in the landscape?

Imagine a museum without walls.

Imagine a museum dedicated to experience.

Imagine a place to spend a lifetime.

The Museum of Adventure is always open.


The Museum of Adventure has no lifts. No corridors. There is no front desk, no entrance fee. There is no one sitting in the corner asking you to be quiet.

There are no signs that say don’t touch.

Our exhibits are connected by roads, by rivers, by journeys, by experience. By adventure.


Combining experiential with digital channels, The Museum of Adventure would feature exhibits across the globe. Some in easy to reach places, like the Whitney in New York. Others in regions traditional to Defender such as Mont-Blanc base camp. Audiences would be free to curate their own collection.

An app would encourage users to explore nearby exhibits (using push notifications to highlight close by Museum of Adventure attractions), CCP would highlight adventures further afield and could tie-in with partners like AirBnB, using their Luxury Plus brand. Social channels would allow people to fully check-in to each location and highlight their adventure to friends and family.

Online channels would feature content hinting at potential exhibit locations and telling the stories of users who’ve found hidden gems.


Localisation within each market, as well as a global campaign, would be achieved through carefully curated exhibits tied to celebrities and influencers who embody the vehicle’s ideology. Influencers would be chosen to represent the diverse market for Land Rover Defender.

Stories would be shared on social channels and long form copy and video content created for to continually promote new Land Rover Defender throughout the campaign.

Mélise Marie
Mélise Marie, phd student and rock climber (@meliseymo)