Gareth B Jenkins Gareth B Jenkins Content Strategist | Copywriter | Scriptwriter

The Brief

Working with our client, Sprint 0 team, ECDs, CDs, UX Architects, Art Directors and Copywriters, I produced the content strategy for the new Land Rover Defender product pages on The global website serves as a template for 26 market websites (, .es,, etc). 

I worked closely with a Creative Director to align messages with ATL, social and printed material.

Working with the UX architects in the Spark44 DX Creative Team, I helped develop a new page and content structure for Land Rover Defender — moving away from an overview and key feature pages of previous models to a page structure featuring more in-depth pages covering the key selling points of the vehicle: durability, capability, design and in-car technology. The content is also structured differently within pages — moving from video and high level, emotive content at the top of a page through to interactive elements and then finally to the granular detail of product specific features at the end of the page.

The content was published on 10 September 2019.

The Content

The content is available to view in situ at or a PDF can be downloaded.

The Results

  • 1.1million visits to the client's website on day one
  • 772k visits to the Land Rover Defender product pages
  • 55 percent of users engaging with calls to actions, driving them closer to purchase (an increase of 12 percent on the previous metric)
  • 424k configurator starts and 192k configurator completions