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The Brief

Our Jaguar Land Rover client is seeking to create more content on the Land Rover website to promote their branded goods. A lot of this content will come into the 2020 product briefs and will be vehicle specific, for example on Range Rover Evoque there may be content referencing branded jackets and on Discovery Sport we may talk about children’s clothing.

Prams are a talking point across all vehicles, and it has been mandated by Jaguar Land Rover that we create some non-nameplate (product) content focussing on prams, similar to previous work on dogs/pets.

My Input 

  • Content strategy for Land Rover and Jaguar (global accounts)
  • Reviewing content across both channels and selecting suitable content that could be collated into a family section with the right supporting copy
  • Copywriting for both Land Rover and Jaguar
  • Additional ideas to expand the brief beyond a new section. I created a phased approach for these ideas to present the client with potential future options should budget allow
  • Presentation of ideas to the global client

Tandems, Prams and Automobiles

Just as there are different classes of vehicles, there are different classes of child transportations. Prams, pushchairs and tandem strollers can refer to different things and would conjure up different images (and expectations) in the audience’s mind.

To avoid these misplaced expectations, and issues around market localisation (pushchair in the UK, stroller in Australia, buggy in the US), we recommended avoiding the use of these terms in copy, except for when they are specific and necessary. We recommended to the client that phrases like travelling with children and family travel were used instead.

Answering The Brief

A quick and simple response to the brief was to create a "Land Rover for Families" page that brought together existing content into a single destination page. This page would have search value as well as being a suitable link for social channels. I recommended the following content to the client:  

  • A hero image with a 6-second loop (using a cut from exiting video footage)
  • Family-focussed safety features (e.g. ISO FIX as standard, overhead shots of the seating options, a seat slider to show 1, 2, 3 car seats fitted)
  • Rear seat entertainment for all – exploring the client's Click and Go range. This would include infants playing with a Land Rover mobile through to teens watching Pretty Little Liars on their iPads
  • Copy and visuals highlighting the family-orientated nature of the vehicles. This should include bike carriers (with the visuals showing two adult bikes and one child bike), and a towing story focusing on horseboxes
  • A comparison table for prams/buggies/etc suggested by the client (this would require development work)
  • Exit points to the Range Rover Family and Discovery Family pages and possibly specific vehicles
  • A short piece stating we also cater for four-legged members of the family with a CTA out to the Branded Goods Pet products
  • An exit point to Find a Retailer. This is to encourage users to see see the vehicles firsthand
  • Market appropriate content could also be surfaced on this page

The client approved this approach. The Land Rover version of this content inspired our client at Jaguar and a version was also created for

Additional ideas

Looking beyond the quick wins and a direct response to the brief, I put forward a series of additional ideas for consideration. These ranged from simple influencer campaign ideas to the development of new components for the client's digital channels in order to tell family-based stories more effectively. 

Articles With Relevant Influencers

Using existing visual assets, we would create a series of articles that highlight the family-friendly design of Land Rover vehicles. Content would be housed in the One Life magazine section and shared on social channels.

We would recommend a commissioned piece from a suitable influencer within the field. Possible writers would include:

  • Pippa Vosper (50.6k followers on Instagram) - pictured. 
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (327k followers on Instagram)
  • Courtney Adamo (55.8k followers on Instagram)
  • Helena Schütz (14.1k followers on Instagram)
  • Jools Oliver (this would build upon the existing brand work with her husband Jamie) (544k followers followers on Instagram)
  • James Kicinski-McCoy (232k followers on Instagram) 

The piece(s) would focus on living with a Land Rover and the practical features that make using the vehicle(s) with young children and/or a baby relatively easy.

The features should cover:

  • Storing your stroller/pram/pushchair in your vehicle (best practice/is it advised?)
  • Different types of stroller/pram/pushchair and selecting the right one for your needs
  • Capacity – think beyond the stroller/pram/pushchair (shopping, accessories, dogs)

Social Campaign

7 Families. 7 Vehicles. 7 Days.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

Taking the full range of Land Rover vehicles (plus the hybrid options) and sharing them with different types of families, this content would showcase real life with the Land Rover range.

A series of YouTube videos/Instagram stories/One Life articles would be created:

  • Real Life with Discovery Sport
  • Real Life with Range Rover Velar
  • Etc.

Each family would be followed by a photographer and writer for seven days (were budget to allow, a videographer would also be drafted in) to demonstrate the experience of joining the #LandRoverfamily.

  • Still images would be posted on Instragram and Twitter
  • Vertical video would be posted on Instagram/IGTV.
  • Standard format video content would be posted on YouTube and Facebook
  • Q and A editorial content would be published on One Life (with the video and still content supporting)

Family Ambassador

Expanding upon the adventure and sporting ambassadors associated with the brand, we would recommend adding a family ambassador to speak about the family-friendly benefits of Land Rover ownership.

Possible family ambassadors could include the celebrity influencers and market specific ambassadors.

Feature Content (published)