Gareth B Jenkins Gareth B Jenkins Content Strategist | Copywriter | Scriptwriter

The Brief
Due to the impact of Covid-19, we needed to rethink the digital experience for Jaguar's 21MY F-PACE. With Creatives unable to go on shoots and colleagues furloughed, we needed to look again at an asset hungry channel. 

The wider customer journey, existing content strategy and analytics fed into a robust final recommendation. However, our main goal was to reduce the asset count down by rationalising content, reducing page count and re-purposing existing content where possible. 

Pre-Covid we had planned to publish 10 pages (this included in-depth features on performance, in-car tech, design, etc) and would have required 130 assets. Our new solution, produced remotely in lockdown, reduced this to five core pages (with local markets being able to add new content) and needed only 30 assets

As part of this content reduction project (dubbed 'DX Lite'), I worked with UX architects, digital designers, ECDs, junior copywriters and our account team to produce:

  • A content strategy for the Jaguar brand and each vehicle published under DX Lite
  • A new asset requirement list
  • Guidelines for content authors and project managers
  • Client pitch documents and subsequent presentations
  • New CTA and supporting microcopy
  • Guideline documents for our SEO partner (Dentsu) to review
  • New copy where required 
  • Carry-over copy documentation to reduce translation costs

The Results

Figures based on the seven days preceding and following the embargo lift on 15 September 2020. 

  • 75 per cent increase in visits to
  • 141 per cent increase in F-PACE configurations 
  • 112 per cent increase in F-PACE brochure downloads post embargo lift