Gareth B Jenkins Gareth B Jenkins Content Strategist | Copywriter | Scriptwriter


No Milk. No Sugar is more commonly known as the copywriter and content strategist Gareth B Jenkins.  

Gareth B Jenkins freelance copywriter freelance content strategist freelance scriptwriter

Over the past 16 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to help creative agencies, their clients, charities and education providers through short, punchy copy; engaging film and audio scripts and effective content strategies

I'm a word tamer, a channel agnostic digital evangelist and an explorer of ideas. I tend to leave the pith helmet at home. 

I’ve created guidelines and taught workshops on character counts, seo keyword implementation and the styles of copy needed for different channels. 

Copy is copy, right? 

We wouldn’t expect the wheel from a bicycle to work as a wheel on an SUV, so why would we expect copy created for print to work online? I focus on creating copy and content that works for the channel and the audience. 

My career began in print but I quickly moved over to digital and this is where my passion lies - whether that be in creating engaging, search optimised copy or in writing a script for a YouTube channel. 

Why digital? 

Truthfully, I like to know how the content is doing. It’s difficult to track metrics for printed material. Of course, digital creates its own problems and we often have too many metrics. Finding the right ones is, for me, part of the professional challenge.

Why the B?

Gareth Jenkins is a fairly common name if you're of Welsh heritage. And there's more than a few of us who work as copywriters, journalists and content strategists. The B is simply a differentiator. It's also my twitter handle.

Anything else? 

When not writing, I can often be found in the departure lounge. 2018 included trips to Reykjavik, New York, Oslo, Barcelona and Antwerp. 2019 has seen a return to Catalonia along with a week in Berlin. 

Hill walking, learning Spanish, the gym and hosting a podcast series take up my remaining free time. 

I volunteer with the Glimpse Collective and a local homeless shelter in Birmingham, UK.